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Due to the worsening of the coronavirus epidemic, and taking into account the government measures issued, the Nógrád Grand Prix will not be held at the time originally scheduled.

This applies to the 3-day individual event, the night race and the 3x3 relay.

Thank you again for the large number of entries you. Thank you for your understanding.

To decide to held the event on a possible later date make sense only after the situation has normalized.

In the meantime, please be patient.



14th Nógrád Grand Prix - 2020

Official test event of the EYOC2020






E1 - sprint race


night race




E2 – middle distance* race


3x3 relay




E3 –long distance race

*: in the classes M/W 16E and 18E long distance race

The races E1+E2+E3 will be awarded together, the night race and the 3x3 relay will be awarded separately. There will be no chasing start on E3. 

The course setters of the races E1, E2, E3 (which are relevant to the EYOC2020) are the same as the course setters of the EYOC2020.

Venue, embargoed areas

Each race will be held in the 20 km vicinity of Salgótarján, on the embargoed terrains for EYOC2020 (except the night race). The exact locations will be given in the Bulletin, which will be published on the 2nd April 2020. The embargo for EYOC is extended for the participants of the Nógrád Grand Prix 2020. The embargoed areas can be seen here:

The areas indicated with red colour: competitors, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competition, are not allowed to enter these embargoed areas. The areas indicated with orange colour – are permitted for access for competitors, team officials and other persons but may not be used for orienteering trainings or routechoice testing. It is prohibited to stay there with a map, to orienteer (reconnoitre) through the embargoed area or to test route choices running or walking.

Future EYOC2020 participants may start at the Nógrád Grand Prix, because the terrains of the Nógrád Grand Prix will be moved out from the embargo at the beginning of the Nógrád Grand Prix.


Salgótarjáni Dornyay SE, Balassagyarmati Balassi Bálint KSE, Nógrád megyei TFSZ      contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizing commitee


Sramkó Tibor


Goldmann Róbert, Kovács Gábor


Fehérváriné Dénes Judit


course setter


E1 - sprint

Kovács Gábor

Stork Mihály

Pintér Ábel


Kovács Zoltán

Varga István

E2 – middle

Erdélyi Gyula

Lajszner Attila

3x3 relay

Kovács Péter

Varga István

E3 – long

Goldmann Róbert

Kali Csongor


E1 - sprint

Urban areas and parks, courtyards of public buildings. The height differences are varying between completely flat and very steep. Good runnability and visibilty. Dense network of roads and paths.


Varied terrain, with different levels of runability and steepness. On the one hand, forested area with steep slopes, partly rich in contour details. On the other hand, mainly flat urban area with family houses and block flats.

E2, E3 -

middle and long

Medium to big hillsides and valleys with a lot of point features (stones, pits, etc.). Some areas with intricate land forms. Some rocky areas in small parts of the terrain. Beech and oak forest, some open areas. Some dense areas with thickets. Runnability and visibilty varies between very good and moderate. Medium density of roads and paths. Typical objects of old mining may occur.

3x3 relay

The first and longer part of the courses will be in forested areas, varied terrain, medium hillsides, partly rich in contour details. The runnability is mainly good, some parts are dense.

    The shorter part of each course will go near the finish area. This part will be designed specifically to this event, built with artificial objects. This part can be observed from the finish area.


scale and contours


35-, Open

E1 - sprint






E2 – middle

1:10 000/5m


3x3 relay

1:4000/2,5m and 1:1000/1m

E3 - long

1:10 000/5m (10-18)

1:15 000/5m (20, 21)

1:10 000/5m (35-40)

1:7500/5m (45-, Open)





M/W16, 18, 21, 40, 50, 60, 70, Open.Easy

E1, E2, E3

M/W10D, 10DK, 12D (string courses),

M/W12C, 14E/C, 15-18C, 16E, 18E, 20E, 21E/Br/C,

M/W35, 35Br, 40, 45, 45Br, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, M80  Open-Beginners, Open-Easy, Open-Advanced, Children’s race

     M/W12D, 10D, Open-Beginners: special string courses, strings marked on the map but not obligatory to follow.

    M/W10DK: special string courses with shadowing, strings marked on the map but not obligatory to follow. No shadowing will be allowed before your own run.

    M/W21Br, 35Br, 45Br are short, but technically challenging courses.

3x3 relay

Long (3x3x 1,5km): M50-, M/W20, M100+

Short (3x3x 0,9km): M/W 40-, W50-, W100+, MW150+, Mix

Family teams will be awarded also separately, and in an own category, too.


SPORTident Air+ electronic punching system will be used at the individual races.

Traditional SPORTident electronic punching system will be used at the 3x3 relay.

3x3 relay

3 members/relay. Club, gender, age are no matter, you can be in a team with anyone. Each member runs 3 times, each time a different course. More information can be found on the webpage of the competition.

Entry fees and deadlines

entry fee

until 10.03.


after 01.04.



2100 HUF

2400 HUF

2700 HUF






1 day

2400 HUF

2700 HUF

3000 HUF

3 day

6700 HUF

7600 HUF

8500 HUF

M/W 20-60

1 day

3400 HUF

3700 HUF

4000 HUF

3 day

9700 HUF

10600 HUF

11500 HUF



1 day

1500 HUF

1800 HUF

2100 HUF

3 day

4000 HUF

4900 HUF

5800 HUF



6300 HUF

7300 HUF

8300 HUF

Traditional SI card rental 300 HUF/person/race. SIAC card rental 600 HUF/person/race.

Payment is due in cash upon arrival or on request via bank transfer (in that case please send an email for the deatils to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 31st March 2020).


On-line:  E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-mail entries will be confirmed with a reply e-mail. If no confirmation is received within three working days, please repeat your e-mail entry.

Attention! Individual competitors and clubs not registered at the Hungarian Orienteering Federation (MTFSZ) are requested to provide an e-mail contact with their on-line entry.

First at the entry for the relay till deadline please give the number of the entered relays. Entry form of relay (by name) can be also downloaded or you can give the names online. Please send as soon as you can! Deadline of the entry for the relay (by name): 10.04.2020 -  8 pm. If it is not given, than +1.000 HUF/relay administration fee!






B category

4…8-bed rooms with shared bathroom

3700 HUF


C category

hard floor gym with own equipment

1200 HUF


Other accommodations please book individually, see in Accommodation menu of the homepage. Due to the Eastern holiday the accommodations will quickly be sold out, so we recommend booking the accommodation as soon as possible.


If you have transportation request, we will organize it. Please indicate any transportation requests together with your entry at latest 31th March.


First three of overall results (E1+E2+E3) in each category receives medal prize. First three of the night race receives prize. First three teams in each categories of the 3x3 relay receives prize.

Victory ceremony


Friday 23.00

3x3 relay

Saturday 17.30


Sunday 13.30


Near the finish areas.


At the finish area there is a buffet, some sport equipment stores and a kindergarten. There will be opportunities for lustration and there will be toilets. There a competition doctor can be reached.

The 2nd official training camp of the EYOC2020 will be held from the 13th to the 16th April. Informations:   

Other infos

See you at the event!